Daniel Sturridge Cup Frustration

Saturday 22nd May 2020 @ Vale Stadium, Castle Vale

BPSFA Daniel Sturridge Cup 2021

A-Team: Bryan, Myiano, Reo, Rhys, Uzi, Lennon, Jason, Keon, Ebrima and Omari

B-Team: Remi, Yaw, Younussa, Kyle, Dylan, Leeson, Cairo, Tobi, Shane, Shaun, Sean, Jeremiah and Mahliq

Goals: Lennon x 5, Keon x 5, Rhys x 4, Omari and Ebrima

Wayne Sherlock broke the world record for eating sprouts in 60 seconds when he gobbled an astonishing 33. Jeffrey Warrick did 175 push-ups in 60 seconds to claim a world record. 60 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time. But it is. Especially in football.

With 60 seconds remaining on the clock in the opening game of the Daniel Sturridge Cup, the A-Team were leading rivals South Birmingham 2-0. Then it went a little wrong. Just a bit. South Birmingham roared back into the game and snatched a draw when it seemed inevitable they were going to lose their opening game.

Unfortunately for the A-team, they were unable to truly recover from the blow of losing and went on to finish second. Despite shining against Aston and Erdington B in their next two games, the A-Team were unable to get anything from their return game against a rejuvenated South Birmingham. Whilst the drama that concluded the opening game of the tournament spurred South on, it left our boys deflated.

Nevertheless, they achieved the best Ton finish since we won the prestigious tournament in 2018. Every cloud has a silver lining!

The B-Team finished third overall on a morning of highs, lows and encouraging performances. In their first encounter with South Birmingham, the boys battled valiantly to keep the scores level at 0-0 with 3 minutes to play. Yet as they had done all morning, the boys from the south found a way to get over the line when they snatched a late 1-0 victory. Nevertheless, the lads picked up some excellent points against Aston and Erdington A.

Am I alone in thinking 34 sprouts in 60 seconds doesn’t sound that difficult?

Well done boys!

Up the Ton!


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