Jersey 2016: Saturday 2nd April

Jersey 2016


Saturday 2nd April




Socks? Check. Pants? Check. Football boots? Check? Toothbrush and toothpaste? Check. Segway? What?! Seg what?! Two hours to get through departures. Two long and tiring hours. Mainly because of Rio’s Segway! As I write this blog entry we are now on day four and I still can’t figure out why he wanted to bring one in the first place! However thanks to the very understanding staff at Birmingham International Airport and a dash back to the airport from Rio’s dad, all was sorted. Off we went to Jersey…or New Jersey as Blessing believed…or England as Oakley thought we were still in.

After arriving safe and sound in Jersey we went and explored the island. A fifteen minute walk later and we found a beach to throw stones and climb rocks.

Soon it was time for dinner back at the Hotel. Confused. Puzzled. Dumbstruck. The boys couldn’t work out the answers to the following questions:

  1. Why can’t we use our phones at the dinner table?
  2. Why are you being so mean by not letting us use our phones at the dinner table?
  3. Why are you violating our human rights by not letting us to use our phones at the dinner table?
  4. When can we use our phones at the dinner table?
  5. Do we have to eat our dinner at the dinner table?

The boys would have you belive that that first meal was like something from a Dickens novel. Alas, they eventually got over such harsh conditions and quickly discovered the art of conversation!

During the evening we (the staff) made our first mistake of the week…we allowed them to go into each others room! Bang! Clash! Rattle! The boys went into each other’s room, although they didn’t stay there for long! After constantly running in and out of rooms, the boys eventually got bored and went to bed. Phew!

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