Jersey 2016: Wednesday 6th April

Jersey 2016 Wednesday 6th April Late kick-offs and an old black and white kit clearly suit our boys, because just like Monday when we had both of these things, the boys put on a show today and picked up a great 6-0 win against St. Paul’s. A stunning show of passing football (the polar oppositeContinue reading “Jersey 2016: Wednesday 6th April”

Jersey 2016: Tuesday 5th April

Jersey 2016 Tuesday 5th April Confidence was high following the 4-1 win over St. Alban’s. So high in fact that we forgot to turn up this morning. These things happen! Luckily our inability to pass the ball and shoot didn’t stop us from winning as we did remember how to dive in front of fast-movingContinue reading “Jersey 2016: Tuesday 5th April”

Jersey 2016: Monday 4th April

Jersey 2016 Monday 4th April 2016 A good night’s sleep in the bag and the boys were back on their A-game. Despite falling one goal down to a quality St. Alban’s A, they bounced back and won 4-1 thanks to a hat-trick from Troy, a fourth from Cameron P and some quality defending from the boys atContinue reading “Jersey 2016: Monday 4th April”

Jersey 2016: Saturday 2nd April

Jersey 2016   Saturday 2nd April Socks? Check. Pants? Check. Football boots? Check? Toothbrush and toothpaste? Check. Segway? What?! Seg what?! Two hours to get through departures. Two long and tiring hours. Mainly because of Rio’s Segway! As I write this blog entry we are now on day four and I still can’t figure outContinue reading “Jersey 2016: Saturday 2nd April”