Jersey 2016: Sunday 3rd April

Jersey 2016

Sunday 3rd April 2016




Sleep. Today was possibly the first time that the boys had come to realise the true value and beauty of sleep. As the whistle signalled the start of our first match, the tired and jet lagged boys found themselves in a whole new world. A world far away from Birmingham Primary Schools football.

The energetic, committed and highly talented Jersey team were too hot for our tired boys to handle (although that is no excuse – they were simply better than us on the day). Shortly into the second half we were 4-0 down and it was the least we deserved. Eventually we woke up but it was too late as the damage had already been done. A consolation goal from Troy SMIDLE James (as the local newspaper reported the following day) was not enough to undo the damage from the night before. Ah well. Lesson learned…hopefully!

We picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down. After a phone free lunch we went to the beach and rediscovered our mojo. Frowns and grunts were exchanged for smiles and laughs as the boys spent four hours frolicking on the golden sands of St. Brelade. It was just what the doctor ordered! We were back in the game! A definite turning put we hoped!

On the evening we went swimming, before playing pool and table tennis. Surely that was enough to tire the boys out and guarantee a good nights sleep on day two?

Watch this space…


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