Jersey 2016: Thursday 7th April

Jersey 2016

Thursday 7th April




Just like the very best teams, we’ve got better and better as the week has gone on. Today’s game against Plymouth was something to admire and be proud of, particularly the first half.

It is worth remembering that we are little old Erdington and Saltley. Birmingham does not have a district football team. We are but one 7th of the second city. Yet we are able to match and beat districts the size of Plymouth. For me that is something to be incredibly proud of!

After racing into a three goal lead during the first half, we added a fourth shortly after the start of the second half. Now in a commanding position, we took our foot off the gas and conceded two sloppy goals. Fair play to Plymouth, as they refused to give up. However the first thing that the boys did following the final whistle was to question their own second half performance. They were happy with the win but not with the scoreline. We said nothing to them to stimulate this discussion and it was one of those moments where you just sit back and enjoy. The boys, who at the start of the week lacked focus, were now deconstructing their own performance and demanding more. Brilliant!

Later that day we went bowling and my word was this another eye-opening moment! Some of the lads mistakenly believed that the aim of the game was to throw the ball down the gutter, whilst others clearly thought bowling was like golf – the lower the score the better. Alas, following a short break to raise the barriers, the game continued and Blessing and Diago smashed the field!

One day to go…

Up The Ton!

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