Jersey 2016: Wednesday 6th April

Jersey 2016

Wednesday 6th April


Late kick-offs and an old black and white kit clearly suit our boys, because just like Monday when we had both of these things, the boys put on a show today and picked up a great 6-0 win against St. Paul’s. A stunning show of passing football (the polar opposite of yesterday) saw Tion and Rio grab a brace each, whilst Troy and Kane bagged a goal apiece too. It was arguably the best we have played all week!

Today’s afternoon activity saw the boys venture to Aqua Splash where Blessing and Pharrelle caught the attention of some local girls. Such is the life of a pair of international footballing superstars.

After three long hours and with my eyes feeling like I had poured vinegar in them, we headed back to the hotel to eat dinner (still no sign of the phones) and shoot some pool. Despite playing pool since the start of the week, I’m afraid to say that none of the boys will be challenging Ronnie O’Sullivan for any titles in the near (or far) future just yet!

Oh and have I mentioned room inspections? Well the trio of Rio, Pharrelle and Oakley have devised an ingenious way of tidying their room. It involves piling every last item, including the kitchen sink, into a cupboard and forcing it closed, before wedging the sideboard up against it to prevent it from spilling open. In fact, since discovering their cunning plan yesterday we haven’t actually seen Pharrelle. Although I’m sure I heard a distant cry coming from the wardrobe of room 411…I better go and inspect.


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