Jersey 2017: Day Two 

A brilliant two-all draw, another day on the beach and an evening of swimming.
Jersey Festival @ FB Playing Fields, St. Helier

Erdington and Saltley 2-2 Orpington

Team: Gerard, Kian, Blessing, Taylor, Cian, Cameron, Danny, Ilani, Che, William and Tiarno

Goals: Cameron and Ilani

Players’ Man of the Match: Danny – covered every blade of grass in the pitch and during the first half he got a number of his team mates out of a pickle.
With a stunning blue sky overhead and an amazing playing surface underfoot, the stage was set for The Ton to make another small piece of history. Taking on Orpington from Kent for the first time in our history, the boys contributed to what was a brilliant game of football between two teams of committed young men. The game ebbed and flowed throughout and both teams could arguably make a shout for the full three points. As it was, they had to settle for a share of the spoils, although there’s no shame in that!

Starting with Ilani and Che up front, we looked to get forward at every opportunity, eventually being rewarded when Ilani looped the ball over the out rushing keeper. A couple of chances came and went and unfortunately the boys couldn’t double their lead. Following one of those chances, a Danny half volley from six yards out, Orpington broke down the field and equalised. Their second goal was equally as good as their first, with the Orpington playing rifling the ball high into the net, giving Gerard no chance. Talking of the Abbey stopper, he made a number of excellent, brave one on one saves during the game and did himself proud.

The quick fire Orpington double clearly rattled the lads and this frustration was compounded when they had a goal disallowed.

At risk of letting their emotions get the better of them, the boys were snapped out of it at half time and responded brilliantly with a second half of desire and skill. The equalising goal eventually came from the right boot of Cameron, who was now playing up front. It was a simple goal in its creation but a fantastic goal in its finish. One big kick from Gerard bounced over the Orpington defender, allowing Cameron to sprint from deep and finish it on the half volley.

Further chances came our way, as they did for Orpington, who themselves had a goal disallowed to add to the drama and excitement.

With the final whistle came applause. The boys of both teams had produced a great spectacle of which they could be immensely proud.

Well done boys!

After dinner we headed to the beach, where it soon became apparent that the boys had misjudged the temperature of the water! Sprinting down the beach in joyous celebration, the boys ran straight into the sea, only to run straight out when the chilly temperature hit home!

Not to be beaten, the boys went back for more! An hour or so of splashing and jumping and falling in the water was following by another shock. Despite being told on a number of occasions, several of the boys had forgotten to pack a spare change of clothes! Luckily the sun was out and they soon dried off. Phew!

Whilst some of the lads sunbathed, others attempted to dig their way to Australia, although the incoming tide soon undid their valiant efforts.

The evening was spent in the water once again, although this time it was slightly warmer and in the surroundings of the hotel. An Erdington version of water polo kept the boys occupied for an hour, before everyone headed to bed at 10 pm.

Exhausted. Shattered. Proud. And that was just me!

Up The Ton!

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