Jersey 2016: Monday 4th April

Jersey 2016

Monday 4th April 2016





A good night’s sleep in the bag and the boys were back on their A-game. Despite falling one goal down to a quality St. Alban’s A, they bounced back and won 4-1 thanks to a hat-trick from Troy, a fourth from Cameron P and some quality defending from the boys at the back. Today was also the day when our team spirit returned to it’s previously brilliant levels. With Robbo feeling sick, Pharrelle volunteered to play between the sticks and despite giving me a heart-attack as he dribbled out of his box, beat two players and darted for the half way line, he managed to do Robbo proud, conceding only the one goal.

Back at the hotel the boys were greeted by a few copies of the local Rag – The Jersey Gazette. They’d made the back page! Ohhhh…now they knew the feeling of bad press! Two pages were dedicated to their efforts the previous day against the national team. Two pages highlighting the fact that they’d lost 4-1. Two pages of crystal clear photos to prove it too! Then to rub salt in the wound, the reporter spelt Troy’s name wrong and in doing so, deprived him of his moment of glory!

As the sun was shining once again we decided to hit the beach. Cricket and paddling entertained most of the boys, whilst a couple of them took a shine to teasing Lamar. For Troy, Kane, Pharrelle, myself and Tonn, we decided to build a castle. I say castle, but I don’t mean a sand castle. I mean a castle. It was like something from the Channel Four show, Grand Designs. I’ve since learned that the local estate agent has been showing prospective families around it. It was a thing of beauty!

Before we knew it it was 6:30pm and we needed to get back home for dinner. Phone-free dinner too! By the time was had polished off our pudding (and Blessing had finished his 12th bottle of ketchup) it was almost bed time.

Lesson two…don’t give the lads Coke, sweets and junk before sending them to bed. Big mistake! Ah well, you live and learn.

Three days in and we still had 15 players. We had learned how to talk to people and had learned how to tidy our rooms by shoving every single item that we owned into the cupboard. Life skills.


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