Jersey 2016: Tuesday 5th April

Jersey 2016

Tuesday 5th April





Confidence was high following the 4-1 win over St. Alban’s. So high in fact that we forgot to turn up this morning. These things happen! Luckily our inability to pass the ball and shoot didn’t stop us from winning as we did remember how to dive in front of fast-moving balls, throw our body on the line and how to score deflected shots! If all else fails, a good old last-minute deflected shot will always do the trick. Some people would have you believe that the good old-fashioned last-minute deflected shot is not in vogue these days, but they would be wrong.

Another win in the bag and it was on to Creepy Valley where we climbed high into the trees, jumped from platform to platform and fell from great heights in spectacular style! Think Superman with concussion. Great fun! Brilliant!

This was one of the best moments of the week for me as it was great to see the lads push themselves out of their comfort zones. Nervous and weary of the great heights, a number of the lads were far from excited by the thought of putting their life in the hands of the tree gods. However despite trembling with fear, they puffed out their chest and conquered their fear, even if it was with closed eyes!

The night was topped off with a quiz. The night was topped off with the realisation that no matter how good our boys are at football, their geographical skills leave something to be desired! Examples include:


Question: What is the capital city of Spain?

Child One: Real Madrid.

Child Two: No that’s wrong! What about Athletico?!


Question: Name the Scottish Loch where a mythical creature is said to live.

Child One: Loch Ness River.


Dear. Oh Dear. Oh Deary me.


The biggest shock of the day? Pharrelle, Rio and Diago won the quiz. Then again, I suppose they did put a man on the moon.


Up The Ton!

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